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If Vinyl Solution didn't reply to your email...

There's nothing more annoying than emailing a website that asks for your input and then doesn't reply.


If you have contacted us and received no answer then we have been unable to contact you because of a problem with your email address - either you have miskeyed your details or your mailbox is unobtainable for some reason. You may have anti-spam software which is filtering us out. If you have subscribed to the newsletter and it is not arriving then, again, there is a problem with delivery. Please contact us by phone or letter and we can sort it out.

If you submit an order you will receive an order confirmation immediately if the order has gone through successfully. Again, please contact us by phone if something appears to have gone wrong but remember ....unless hindered by technical difficulties, WE ALWAYS ANSWER OUR MAIL!


Explanation of Codes and Categories

Format Codes

Items are divided into their format categories. The code for each format is:

CD Full length CD album
CDS CD Single. Usually up to four tracks, sometimes more. Sometimes containing extra mixes of the same song.
CDEP CD with around 10-15 minutes of music, but no particular song designated as a single.
CDMLP CD with around 20-30 minutes of music, but no particular song designated as a single.
CAS Full length cassette album
CASS Cassette Single
45 45 RPM single. Usually 7" sometimes 12".
EP Like a 45 but usually with 4 songs instead of 2.
LP Full length 12" vinyl album
MLP Half Length 12" vinyl album. Usually 5 to 7 songs
Promo The item is a promotional or demonstration copy
Pic Picture Sleeve. 7" and 12" vinyl singles came in either a company or picture sleeve. If "pic" does not appear in this field but there is a grading for the sleeve, then it is a company sleeve. If "pic" does appear then the 45 is in a picture sleeve


The first Grading is for the record itself, the second is for the sleeve.

New New New (therefore, no sleeve grading is required). Records are usually sealed and have never been played.
M Mint As new, or almost new. Mint records look and sound as if they have either never been played or have, perhaps, been spun once or twice in the shop before being returned to the racks. CDs will look and sound as new.
Ex Excellent Some signs of age and use; may have some marks, especially when viewed under strong light, and has obviously been played but has been handled well and is still in great condition.Plays with no significant surface noise. Sleeves may be slightly worn or creased, but only very slightly. CDs may have small surface scuff marks but will play perfectly.
VG Very Good Noticeable marks but still plays well although there may be some surface noise, particularly near the beginning. Sleeves may have a little ringwear, slight marks or small tears. CDs may have surface scuff marks which are quite noticeable but will still play perfectly.
G Good Signs of significant playing hours, with surface marks and grooves but despite some noise the sound should be intact without skips and jumps. Sleeves may have small tears and ringwear and other signs of age but are fundamentally sound. CDs will have many marks from being left out of their covers but there should be no deep grooves affecting play.
F Fair Notably worn. Will play but will have notable surface noises. Record's surface will show significant signs of use and the vinyl will be dull and lacking in lustre. Despite the noise you should be able to play the record right through and hear the music clearly. Sleeves may be torn, frayed or split along the seam and may have ringwear or be otherwise damaged. CDs will have lots of marks and scratches and may play on some machines but not on others ... buyer beware.
P Poor Records in Poor condition will often be playable but the surface noise may be louder than the music. They are usually of value to completists or people who just want to hear a rare sound or own a rare record. Sleeves will be badly torn and frayed. CDs will have been used as frisbees but if they do play - they'll sound just like new (the beauty of the digital world). Of course, if they don't play, they won't play ...... buyer beware.

Other grading notes you may see

WOL/S Writing on label/sleeve
TOL/S Tear on label/sleeve
SOL/S Sticker on label/sleeve
NC No Centre. (usually American 45s)



How to Order-Search Tips

How to order

(5 easy steps)

  1. Find the music you'd like to order by searching or browsing through the database. When searching you can specify an artist name, an album title, a format or you can search for a song. If you leave the defaults as they are (all media, all keywords) then you can specify an artist's name as you would normally write it: eg 'Ray Charles'. If you have specified a media type, such as LP or CD, or specified to look for an artist or title, then you should key the artist name alphabetically: i.e., Ray Charles should be keyed as 'Charles,Ray'.
  2. Add items to your shopping cart. (You will see the appropriate buttons as you navigate the database.)
  3. An order summary will appear at the top of your screen in an orange bar.
  4. Click on the red shopping cart button (in the top frame) or the check order link (on the main page) to check your shopping cart contents in detail. Note that the total price on this page does not include postage and packing. We will calculate this and advise you after processing your order. (In most cases you should hear from us within 24 hours.)
  5. From the shopping basket page, you can submit your contact and payment details and finalise your order.

IMAGES-Some items have a picture to the left - if this is difficult to see, click on the image to get a larger version and more detail about the record.


Returns Policy

If you change your mind after your goods have arrived you may send them back within 30 days of receipt. You must  contact us for a goods return authorisation number first. No goods will be accepted without this number.

Reseal the package, with your invoice attached to the front, write the return authorisation number on the back, mark it 'Return To Sender' and drop it back into the post. If you have simply decided that you don't want the order we will refund the value of the goods or credit the value against a future order. We regret that shipping charges are only refundable if we have made an error in the goods we have supplied.


Payment Options

Our preferred method of credit card payment is Mastercard or Visa however you can also use American Express. Please note that payments by American Express will incur a 2% surcharge. While we regret this, the fee structure of American Express leaves us no option but to charge this.

Paying by credit card ensures that your order will be despatched quickly however you can also pay using Paypal or Western Union cash transfer.

Australian customers - you can also pay by sending a postal order in Australian dollars or Australian dollars in cash (at your risk - and a registered envelope is recommended), or by direct credit to our bank account. Sorry, no personal cheques.

If you wish to pay using Paypal, please select 'Send a Paypal invoice' from the drop-down box on the checkout screen. Please note that we add a surcharge of $1 to cover Paypal fees.


Singles vs EPs

The distinction between vinyl singles is usually pretty clear. Singles generally have one song on each side and EPs usually have two and come in a picture sleeve.

It's not so clearcut with CD singles and CDEPs. Sometimes an EP may have four tracks and a single may have six. How do we differentiate? Well, as a general rule, we call it a CD single if one particular track is identified as the lead, or standout track, usually for radio play. If the CD has a title which is not necessarily one of the songs on the CD, we consider it an EP. Sometimes - particularly with dance CD's there will be a number of different mixes of the same song. If you see the title as "Borderline/(4 Mixes)" this means that the CD contains the track "Borderline" plus 4 additional mixes of the same song - making 5 in total.


Country of Manufacture

In the olden, golden days of vinyl this was pretty straightforward. Countries manufactured their own records - usually - and said so.

Not so with CDs. We have tried to correctly identify the country of manufacture in each case. If the CD is manufactured in a different country to the booklet - a very common occurence - we take the name on the CD itself as the country of manufacture. If we're not sure we've left it blank. Please note that the code 'Ind' usually refers to Indonesia, not India. 'Aus' is for Australia. Please contact us if you are unsure and want clarification.


Shipment and Shipping Costs

In most cases orders are shipped within 48 hours of us advising you of the total cost. Stock is held in our shop or warehouse - we do not dropship, so you should never have to wait long for your order to be despatched. Occasionally stock may be sold through our shop, on the same day as you submit your order, in which case it will no longer be available.

Within Australia all goods are sent by Australia Post. Overseas orders are sent by standard Australia Post airmail. This is a trackable service, to most countries. An economy air rate is also available to many destinations however this is is not trackable. If you are unsure please contact us for a quote.

Australia Post divides the world into eight zones - most European countries are in Zone 6 or Zone 7. Please note the zone appropriate to your country when looking at the list of shipping options in the chart below. 

Zone 6 - France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Zone 7 - Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Malta, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Serbia, Romania, Slovakia

Brazil and South Africa are in Zone 7

We DO NOT make illegal customs declarations so please don't ask.


1 LP/12in/Cassette/Video/Magazine within Australia under 500g - $AUD9.95 (heavy/180g/dbl LP may be more)
2-3 standard LP 12in or one LP over 500g with metropolitan Melbourne - $AUD12.55
2-3 standard LP 12in or one LP over 500g within Victoria Australia - up to $AUD13.75 depending on postcode
2-3 standard LP 12in or one LP over 500g to NSW Australia - up to $AUD17.15 depending on postcode
2-3 standard LP 12in or one LP over 500g to Queensland Australia - up to $AUD19.40 depending on postcode
2-3 standard LP 12in or one LP over 500g to South Australia - up to $AUD17.45 depending on postcode
2-3 standard LP 12in or one LP over 500g to Western Australia - up to $AUD19.35 depending on postcode
2-3 standard LP 12in or one LP over 500g to Tasmania - $AUD17.05
2-3 standard LP 12in or one LP over 500g to Northern Territory - $AUD21.30

1-2 7in 45/CD/CDSingle/DVD Letter Rate  NOT TRACKABLE - $AUD7.50
3-8 7in 45s  WITH TRACKING - $AUD20.00
3-8 7in 45s  (NOT Trackable)- $AUD13.00
3-4 CD/CD Single  WITH TRACKING - $AUD20.00
3-4 CD/CD Single  (NOT Trackable) - $AUD13.00
1 LP/12in/Cassette/Video (Under 500g)  - WITH TRACKING $AUD20.00
1 x LP/12in/Cassette/Video (Under 500g) (NOT Trackable), $AUD13.00
1 LP/12in/Cassette/Video (Under 500g)  - Express Trackable Courier $AUD70.75
2-3 standard LP/12in or one LP over 500g  - WITH TRACKING $AUD.33.00
2-3 standard LP/12in or one LP over 500g  - (NOT Trackable) $AUD26.00
2-3 standard LP/12in or one LP over 500g - Express Trackable Courier $AUD87.50

1-2 x 45/CD/CD Single/DVD (Letter Rate, not tracked), $8.00
3-8 45s (Tracked), $24.25
1 x LP/12in/Cassette/Video (Under 500g) (Tracked), $24.25
2-3 LP/12in/Cassette/Video (Tracked), $39.65
3-4 CD/CD Single (Tracked), $24.25
1-2 DVD  (Tracked), $24.25
Courier: $83.05 up to 500g, $100.25, 500g to 1kg

1-2 x 45/CD/CD Single/DVD (Letter Rate, not tracked), $11.00
3-8 45s (Tracked), $25.75
1 x LP/12in/Cassette/Video (Under 500g) (Tracked), $25.75
2-3 LP/12in/Cassette/Video (Tracked), $43.20
3-4 CD/CD Single (Tracked), $25.75
1-2 DVD  (Tracked), $25.75
Courier: $84.10 up to 500g, $101.20, 500g to 1kg


1-2 x 45/CD/CD Single/DVD (Letter Rate, not tracked), $11.00
3-8 45s (Tracked), $30.45
1 x LP/12in/Cassette/Video (Under 500g) (Tracked), $30.45
2-3 LP/12in/Cassette/Video (Tracked), $53.75
3-4 CD/CD Single (Tracked), $30.45
1-2 DVD  (Tracked), $30.45
Courier: $88.20 up to 500g, $108.00,, 500g to 1kg

Australia Post's shipping charges can be prohibitive, especially for international orders, however there are significant savings to be made by consolidating multiple items into one order.

We will only ship credit card orders to non-Western countries if proof of card ownership (via a scan) is provided.

These shipping rates are a guide only, but in most cases should accurately reflect your expected shipping costs.

If you order up to 4-5 LPs, these will be packed between thick cardboard, placed in a carrier bag and sealed within an Australia Post bubblepak bag for protection. Smaller items - CDs, cassettes etc - are packed in appropriately sized bags while larger orders are boxed. If you select 'Inform me of the total cost before shipping' on your order page we will email you before processing the order and advise you of the total charge but you can select 'Ship the order immediately' if you want to receive your goods with no delay. Remember to only select 'Ship the order immediately' if you have provided credit card details. If you select 'Inform me of the total cost' and have provided credit card details we will process your order after three days - please email us within that time if you want the order held or to ask us to process immediately.



Liability - IMPORTANT - Please Read

Goods are shipped by standard airmail post unless you specify otherwise. We regret we cannot accept liability for packages lost in the post (although this happens rarely). We can, however, arrange for insurance or registration.

CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE AUSTRALIA: Please contact us for prices for registering articles as these vary from country to country and depend on the weight and value. Your package can also be insured - called Extra Cover. Insurance rates are $7.50 for the first $100 value or part thereof plus $2 for each additional $100. Please specify on your order if you require this. Most 45s and single CDs are sent at letter rate however if you require insurance they must be upgraded to parcel rate. Remember, you are always welcome to request a full quote before authorising shipment.



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