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Test Area

This area of the website is set aside for testing things like CSS, pages of content, styles, the operation of CMS modules, and different combinations of content layout. This is useful when setting up a new website, or when enhancing features of the CMS.

Core Templates

Individual articles that use the core website CSS templates are stored here for testing.

Test Sub Menu

This section has been created for testing the sub menu styles. Navigation reaches to four levels deep.

Test Pages

A series of pages with different combinations of content and layout to assist with website and CMS testing.

Forms & Surveys

Create rich web forms without writing code, manage form responses, and publish forms anywhere in the website.


Threaded online discussion forums that can be offered publicly or password protected.

RSS Feeds

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) allows automatic publishing of content anywhere in the website in a format that can be easily syndicated or subscribed to by external services.


The comments system is being tested in this area. Some pages should have comments, some not, comments should be open on some pages, and closed on others.


Post blog articles by date and within categories, with features like automatic RSS publishing and user comments.

Fancy Widgets

Some of the fancier CMS widgets appear on this page, to show how they work and help test they still work in new CMS installations and product releases.

Donation Form

The donation form is a specialised form widget that allows collection and online payment of regular and one-off donations.

Acora CMS Website (Redirect)

Visit the cm3 Acora CMS website for product info, news and updates, and online support.